Who is Philippe Major???

"...Once you begin searching for a house with your agent, it's not the time to talk about his past, but rather your future."

2 things to consider when searching for the right agent; 

1. Is he competent? 
2. What kind of person is he?

Rare are agents who will talk about themselves on their website. You will usually find a paragraph in the "About Me" section, that will look very similar from one agent to the next. This doesn't help you at all, to know who you're about to work with.

I chose to include lots of information about myself, in order to help you select an agent with whom you can relate to...

Philippe the Real Estate Agent (This is the important one)...

             Growing in the business of Real Estate, Philippe became a licensed Realtor  in 2006. 

            Born in 1978 and raised in Orléans, Philippe thrives to excel in all parts of the City of Ottawa by serving his clients for Buying or Selling a property.

Philippe’s success throughout his life is parallel to the quality of service he demonstrates in his new passion… Helping Others in their Real Estate Needs.

Thank you for your trust and your referrals.

Philippe the student...

           Cité Collégiale: Philippe completed a 2-year Travel and Tourism Diploma where his passion for Travelling was confirmed.

            Ottawa University: Philippe enrolled in a 3 year Degree in Social Sciences, concentration in Leisure Studies.

            Université Libre de Bruxelles: This is where Philippe completed his 3rd and last year of his degree. His skills of Time management were successfully enhanced by multi-tasking: Eating Frites, chocolate, waffles, oysters, studying… and a Belgian beer, all at the same time!

Philippe the Lifeguard...

            Lac Philippe: 6 summers were spent under the sun at “His” beach, in the famous Gatineau Park. This is where he discovered his passion for helping other and putting his public relations skills into practice. In his last few years, Philippe was head-guard of Parent Beach, making keys decisions for the public’s safety.

            City of Ottawa –Swimming Instructor-: Over 7 years were spent at various pools such as the Orleans SportsPlex, Lowertown Pool and Champagne Bath. Philippe started off as a simple pool lifeguard, then worked his way up to an Instructor for Kids, then adults, until settling with private lessons. There too, his last few years were spent as a Head-guard.

            Ocean Lifeguard: This is where Philippe lived his dream… His first summer was spent in the peaceful Outer Banks of North Carolina. He finally exercised all the lifesaving skills he had been learning in the past all the while being under the sun listening to the waves 50 hours a week. This was definitely Philippe’s element! His second summer was spent on the famous beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Even though there wasn’t much action in the water, Philippe learnt to deal with older lifeguards doing this as a career.

            Rideau Canal Skate Patroller: 4 winters were spent skating up and down the longest outdoor skating rink in the world. Surprisingly, this is where Philippe had to treat the most injuries.

Philippe the athlete...

            His “Lifeguard of the year” mention for the Province of Quebec in 2000, is justified by Philippe’s speed on his feet. As soon as he was introduced to Lifeguard Competitions, his life took an interesting turn. These competitions are a series of events such as: running bare-foot on sand, swimming in the waves, paddle boarding, etc… Philippe’s specialty was the short sprints, more specifically in an event called Beach flags. This is where he received his life’s biggest achievements, yet:

3 World Championships: Australia, USA and Italy.

2 times Canadian Champion.

3 times Quebec Champion.

2 times Ontario Champion.

7th place in USA.

3rd place South -East coast of USA.

4th place Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Philippe the traveler...

            Overall, Philippe travelled 34 countries. One of his objective throughout his career in Real Estate is to take 2 months off every year, not only to sharpen the saw, but to continue to explore the vast and complex planet we live on.

Philippe the hermit...

            You might not find many Real Estate Agents who lived in the woods by themselves for 3 months… Now you have and Philippe is not ashamed to talk about it. After a 30 day glacier traverse in BC, Philippe settled in the woods, on ground level. After building himself the bare essentials, he decided to stay put, reading and writing on his hammock… for 90 days, (with trips to the village once in a while). Philippe’s solo experience would have been longer if it wasn’t for the Black bear who ravaged all of Philippe’s belongings one day, leaving him with nothing left but a reason to go back to Ottawa University

In 2008, Philippe also embarked on a short trip to James Bay, to camp on an Island in minus 10 degrees celcius for 2 weeks. Though this time he wasn’t alone, Torpedo, Philippe’s loyal Golden Lab was there as well!

Philippe the volunteer...

            During the whole month of February 2010, Philippe was selected as a Volunteer Team Leader with Event Services for the Cross-Country, Biathlon and Ski Jump events located at the Whistler Olympic Park.

            Philippe’s duties were to manage a group of 6-12 volunteers within an assigned area of the venue, ensuring that their performance was in accordance with agreed procedures and appropriate levels of service. He provided support, information and encouragements to Volunteers while monitoring spectator movements and solving related problems.


             During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, 30 000 volunteers made this event successful. All of whom had a solid roof over their head at night… All but one…Philippe paid 10$ a night to stay in a tent for this entire time.

Philippe the Travel Agent...

            One of Philippe’s biggest professional achievements so far is to Promote Canadian Tourism live on Kuwaiti TV or in front of 30 Travel Agent in the Boardroom of the Canadian Embassy of Kuwait. Being a Travel Agent with Algonquin Travel and Business Travel International (BTI) in the past surprisingly had nothing to do with leading Philippe to bigger and better things in the Travel Business! Because of his solo expedition in BC, Philippe was invited by the Canadian Ambassador of Kuwait as a Special Guest to do a 30 min presentation about his unusual experience in the West Canadian Rockies.  This opportunity of a lifetime led to 30 days of endless adventures throughout Middle-East.